Month: March 2019

Healthy Breakfast with Omelet

Give Yourself a Health Boost by Choosing an Omelet – A Breakfast Classic!

Whether you are choosing an omelet for breakfast or lunch, it can be a healthy, protein-packed meal choice. Delicately cooked with a wide range of tantalizing ingredients, these protein-rich eggs are usually a top-seller at any breakfast restaurant in Colorado Springs. According to a study published by the Pediatrics magazine, “Giving young children just one egg…
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PanCake - Breakfast Receipe

Explore and Taste a Little History of Your Favorite Breakfast Food – The Pancake!

Without your favorite pancakes piled high and served with syrup, and other toppings, a classic American breakfast in Colorado Springs would be incomplete. As long as we can remember, the pancake has been a part of our mornings. But, it also dates back thousands of years and has been around for centuries as a favorite…
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